Self-Regulating Technology

Raychem self-regulating electric heat trace cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. Heat is generated as electric current passes through the conductive polymer core between the conductors. As the temperature drops, the number of electrical paths through the core increases and more heat is produced. Conversely, as the temperature rises, the core has fewer electrical paths and less heat is produced.

Raychem XL-Trace and Raychem WinterGard self-regulating heat trace cables:

Self regulating

Advanced Control Systems

Pentair Thermal Management offers two advanced control systems and a basic thermostat controller for freeze pipe freeze protection systems: The Raychem C910 and Raychem ACCS-30 controllers are specifically designed for use with Raychem XL-Trace cables; whereas the Raychem AMC-F5 controller is best suited for Raychem WinterGard cables.

Raychem C910:

Raychem ACCS-30:

Both controllers provide:

Note: PASC regulates the power of the heating cable system to the real-time ambient temperature, saving up to 30% of the energy over conventional ambient control systems

Raychem AMC-F5: